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The biggest Google related event, carefully crafted for you by GDG community! Awesome speakers and lot's of fun!!

26th November, 2016

SP Grand Days, Panavila Junction

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Why This Event Is Awesome?


Each GDG DevFest is inspired by and uniquely tailored to the needs of the developer community that hosts it. While no two events will be exactly alike, each GDG DevFest will, at its core, be powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.

Expert Speakers

Best in class speakers who have extensive knowledge of the topic.

Developer focused!

Google Developers Group (GDG) - is an open and volunteer geek community who create exciting projects and share experience about Google technologies with a passion

Meet the Speakers

Vijay Dev

Vijay Dev

Vijay is a Lead FrontEnd Engineer, with over 7 years experience in the industry. He works on the cutting edge of tech, he is the pioneer and the go-to guy for anything HTML5 or JavaScript

Sreenath Sasikumar

Sreenath Sasikumar

Sreenath is the founder and CEO of MashupAcademy, a first of its kind fullstack web development training academy. He is a Web Security Consultant and Startup Technology Mentor. He specializes in web and mobile application security, he has been involved in security testing and reporting vulnerabilities of customer websites and mobile applications in various domains.

Robin Panicker

Robin Panicker

Robin Panicker, is CEO at SEQATO, a small start-up that he started as a hobby. He has been in this industry for around 15 years and he specialises in bridging the gap between man and machine. He likes architecting simple solutions for complex problems. His latest area of interest lies in exploiting artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind.

Karthik Padmanabhan

Karthik is part of the Google's Global Developer Ecosystem team focused on the incredible India opportunity. Focused on devising and executing plans to nurture "Influencers" and their "communities" to boost Google's Technology advocacy, adoption, quality & perception

Dhanesh T K

Dhanesh is a UX Architect having over 10+ years’ industry experience in varied verticals from finance to healthcare. A curious thinker, a keen observant with a passion for designing and building things. Expertise in visual thinking and conceptualizations to generate unique product concepts by connecting the dots.

Remya P Vava

Remya has over 9years experience in the industry, working on high scale telecom and healthcare projects spanning multiple technologies and scaling to meet thousands of customers. Her interests include optimizing apps and building high performance applications.

Arun Prasad

Arun Shanker Prasad

Arun specializes in architecting and building modular, scalable web applications. Worked on various technology stacks including Java enterprise applications, PHP to full stack Python environments. Recently he is working on building a scalable data analytics platform.


Panavila Junction, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695014

Event Schedule

9:30am to 10:00am


If you have already registered online, just mention your name and sign in. Walk-ins are welcome, please note that we will only be able to accomodate based on availability.

10:00am to 10:15am


Keynote address by Manoj Abraham, IPS, Inspector General of Police, Thiruvananthapuram and Nodal Officer, Cyber Dome, Kerala Police.

10:15am to 11:00am


PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. Vijay will be taking an introductory session to give us a taste of what it can do for the future of web as we know it.

11:00am to 11:45am


Karthik shares his perspective on the Google cloud. He recently joined Google Developer relations team, and focuses on the Cloud Platform and hte Next Billing Users initiative.

11:45am to 12:30pm


Robin will be talking about his latest passion, on exploiting artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind.

12:30pm to 1:15pm


Break for a power lunch, and mingle with the developers from the community.

1:15pm to 2:00pm


The session will include details on hijacking and encrypting the servers by hackers for ransom, and the various steps to be taken to guard, defend and mitigate these threats.

2:00pm to 2:45pm


Everything is now just a tap away, be it banking, hanging out with friends, sharing information and even consulting your doctor. Technology has reached its unprecedented heights with the a force to alter the way we live and behave. Embarked on a gold rush towards creating that ultimate gamer idea has created avalanche of products into the market. Yet how many of them succeed depends upon one factor that many of these products tend to forget the user!

3:00pm to 3:45pm


A brief introduction in to Firebase, and how it is revolutionising the mobile cloud.

3:45pm to 4:30pm


Scalability and performance are often an after thought when building an application, but when building for the modern web we need the applications to scale from the get go. This session attempts to cover a basic checklist that every developer should be aware of.

4:30pm to 5.00pm


Thank you note, and raffle for swags. The raffle is based on the token given during registration.